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Craig Nathanson The world works a little better when we do what we love. Craig Nathanson helps those at mid-life carry this out.

Go Insane - Click here and I will show you how.

Your middle years are the best yet.... are you following your vocational passion?

Hi, I’m Craig Nathanson, The Vocational Coach. I firmly believe that the world works a little better when we do what we love. I specialize in helping adults in mid-life discover and live their vocational passion.

It’s ironic that during the best years of our lives, so many adults endure careers of drudgery, or even desperation. Too many adults in mid-life settle for jobs that leave them unhappy and unfulfilled. They never live their vocational dreams.

Does this sound like you?

Do you have the following “symptoms”?

  1. Your job is just something to pay the bills and has no meaning for you
  2. Your work life feels empty
  3. You are just hanging in there so you can retire and finally do what you want

If you answered “ Yes” to any of these questions, you’re not alone.

For twenty five years in corporate America, through my own research and personal journey, I observed people just like this.

People who gave up themselves to the larger organization for some future reward.

They have been conditioned to view employment as something to be endured, something to “pay the bills” rather than as a central component of a well-lived life.

Now that the first half of your life is behind you, wouldn’t you like the second half to be more fulfilling? Do you want to get your work life closer to your passion?

The Vocational Coach WEB SITE offers you A CHANCE TO EXPLORE YOUR VOCATIONAL PASSIONS IN OUR new on-line community.

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More Inside:

Craig's latest book "Don't Just Retire and Die" is now released!
Craig's second book, "P is for Perfect"
Discover and live your vocational passion!
Explore the "P is for Perfect" wheel!

Craig's latest e-book "Discover and Live Your Passion 365 Days a Year" is now released

Preview Craig's new CD, "How to Discover and Live your Passion now"
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